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“The future is beautiful, but it is not inspirational,” said Grandma with a blank expression. Grandma was an old fashioned person; she would tell lots of stories about the past. I had always imagined the past with dinosaurs and cavemen, but I was wrong. Grandma asked me if I would like to see the past with her. I agreed with an excited expression. I fell into a dark hole which felt like I had no escape. I fell on a sheet of fluffy green stuff. I saw a young lady sitting on an old porch staring into the beautiful grassy fields. I took a seat next to her. She still stared blankly. She started to hum her favorite song. She told me the song was about how good memories will never die, but bad ones will. It started to all come together. She was my grandmother. Grandma came to the past because she didn’t want to leave everything she loved behind her. She was a nervous and polite woman, but she couldn’t deal with death. She grew weaker everyday traveling back to the past. It happened so fast, but timelines started to crash. Buildings started to grow on the beautiful fields and ships started to float then suddenly Mona Lisa came. Everything stopped and the only way to take them back to their timeline was to break the time necklace. Grandmother didn’t want to at first but she had no choice. She broke it and everything started to go back to normal. Grandma started to turn into dust; each body part turned to dust and floated away. She told me to never be afraid and the only way you can face your fears is to fight and never back down. I cried until there was nothing left, but negative thoughts and sorrow. Months passed and I didn’t feel sorrowful and guilty because I lived by Grandmother’s words.

– Jessica Park

I was at the beach. It was a beautiful day and the sun was smiling at me. I was having fun playing in the ocean when dark clouds started to cover up the sun. I quickly got out of the ocean and ran back to my dad’s car. The thunder suddenly zapped the ocean, and out of it came a horde of zombies! Their evil laughs, dripping with blood, stared at me, threatening to eat my brain. I ran with all my might to the car and told my parents to drive me away quickly. Then, I heard the screams of people sadly having their brains being eaten by the zombies. I looked back at the zombies chasing us. The infected didn’t look like zombies though… They looked more like… Alarm clocks? Then, my alarm clock started to scream, “Wake up! You actually think zombies exist?”

– Alvin Chen

Out in the forest

Leaves falling down on the floor

Many great days come

Crunchy leaves falling

Many people take pictures

It is kind of cold

– Anonymous

The magenta flowers giving off a lovely fragrance essence,

The dark green trees dancing slightly to the breeze,

The water so clear like glass,

The flowers being painted into a beautiful pink,

The fern trees standing tall and big in the blue sky,

The grass breathing slowly,

The sky ombre in a mix of white and blue.

– Jennifer Feng

Journee the Samoyed dog was lying on the carpet, living the best life with her owners.

“Here you go!” Journee’s owner said as he threw a dog treat. Journee caught that thing in midair.

I got skills, she thought.

All of a sudden, the news popped up. “A dog food shortage?” Jordan said, “How am I supposed to buy Journee Bear her food?”

Journee gave Jordan a nasty pooch look. She wasn’t the easiest dog to take care of.

Journee hates a ton of things. The fluffy Samoyed hates being left alone. She hates going to the vet. She hates broccoli. But Journee Bear’s biggest fear was having nothing to eat.

Nevertheless, Journee also loves a lot of things. She loves treats and squirrels. She loves being spoiled. And of course, Journee absolutely loves having a filling meal, which explains the nasty look she gave her owner. Those meals never made her feel full.

– Cathy Lin